Behy Cliffs

Cliffs, Co Mayo

Behy Cliffs, Co Mayo, Ireland (Opposite the Céide Fields Visitors Centre)

Doonfeeny Standing Stone

Doonfeeny Standing Stone

Doonfeeny/Dunfeeny Standing Stone, Co Mayo, Ireland

Doonfeeny Standing Stone

Also known as Cloch Fada (Long Stone) situated in an ancient graveyard

Detail of cross on Doonfeeny Standing Stone

Detail of one of two crosses on Doonfeeny Standing Stone added to Christianise it

Cong Abbey

Cong Abbey ruin

Cong Abbey, Co Mayo, Ireland

Cong Abbey ruin
St Mary of the Rosary Church ruin

St Mary of the Rosary Church

The Monk’s Fishing House

The Monk’s Fishing House

Arched doorway at Cong

Arched doorway at Cong river

Kilgeever Christian Site

Kilgeever Christian Site

Kilgeever Christian Site near Croagh Patrick, Co Mayo, Ireland

St Patrick's rock and Kilgeever Christian Site

St Patrick’s rock in the foreground at Kilgeever

St Patrick’s rock

The Mass rock with inscribed cross – St Patrick’s rock

Kileever holy well,  Toberreendoney

Toberreendoney, The holy well around which pilgrims walk and pray

Kileever cross inscribed pillar

Cross inscribed pillar in Kileever graveyard

More info here


Castlekine aka Ballykine Castle

Castlekine aka Ballykine Castle, Co Mayo, Ireland

Castlekine aka Ballykine Castle

The tower house ruin is situated in Clonbur Wood and is fenced off as it is structurally unsound

Breastagh Ogham Stone

Breastagh Ogham Stone

Breastagh Ogham Stone, Killala, County Mayo, Ireland

Breastagh Ogham Stone

The standing stone is over 3.5 metres in height

Breastagh Ogham Stone

The inscription on one side reads L.GG……SD ….LEGESCAD and on the other side MAQ CORRBRI MAQ AMLOITT, translated as “The Son of Corbbri, Son Of Amloitt”

Corrower Ogham Stone

Corrower Ogham Stone 1

Corrower Ogham Stone, Co Mayo, Ireland

Corrower Ogham Stone 2

This is a tall standing stone but…

Corrower Ogham Stone 3

the ogham inscription is quite worn

Corrower Ogham Stone 4

I’ve two interprations of the inscription “MAQ CERAN AVI ATHECETAIMIN” from and “Mac Uí Riaghan” from Both sites have more info.

Corrower Ogham Stone 5

A very friendly farmer gave me access to the stone

Rathlackan Court Tomb

Rathlackan Court Tomb 1
Rathlackan Court Tomb, Co Mayo, Ireland

Rathlackan Court Tomb 2

The east facing entrance to the gallery

Rathlackan Court Tomb 3

Rathlackan Court Tomb 4

The court from the east

Rathlackan Court Tomb 5

Looking down on the gallery entrance and first chamber

Rathlackan Court Tomb 6

The gallery as viewed from the back (west)

St Deirbhile’s Holy Well

St Deirbhile's Holy Well
St Deirbhile’s Holy Well, Belmullet, Co Mayo, Ireland

St Deirbhile's Holy Well
An annual pilgrimage takes place around 15th August

The story of St. Dairbhile goes something like this… born of a noble family of Meath she travelled to the Mullet peninsula to escape a noble suitor. However, she was followed, and gouged out her own eyes to make herself less attractive. When her horrified Prince left, she washed her eyes in the waters of a well that sprung from where they had fallen and her sight was restored.

St Deirbhile's Holy Well

Killala Round Tower

Killala Round Tower
Killala Round Tower, Co Mayo, Ireland

Killala Round Tower

12th century Round Tower – the original monastic settlement probably goes back to the 5th century when St Patrick appointed Muiredach as first bishop of Killala

Killala Round Tower

Glosh Tower

One of 82 signal towers built by the british to watch for invading French around the 1800’s
Glosh Signal Tower
Glosh Signal Tower, Fallmore, Belmullet, Ireland

Glosh Signal Tower

Deirbhle’s Twist

Deirbhle's (Dervla's) Twist
Deirbhle’s (Dervla’s) Twist, Belmullet Peninsula, Co Mayo, Ireland

Deirbhle's (Dervla's) Twist
A modern spiral of stones designed and built by Michael Bulfin as part of the North Mayo Sculpture Trail (Tír Sáile)

Deirbhle's (Dervla's) Twist

Cross Abbey

Crosses at Cross Abbey
Crosses at Cross Abbey, Belmullet, Co Mayo, Ireland

2 Ancient pillars
The ruins of the old church

Cross Abbey

The graveyard with many unmarked stones

Worn Ogham stone

The closest pillar is a worn Ogham stone with faint traces of straight and slant scores on the natural-square edge

Cross Abbey