Prince Connell’s Grave

Corracloona Court Tomb aka Prince Connell's Grave
Corracloona Court Tomb aka Prince Connell’s Grave, Co Leitrim, Ireland

The court of Prince Connell's Grave
The court of Prince Connell’s Grave

Prince Connell's Grave
The tomb as viewed from the North

Kennel-hole entrance stone at Prince Connell's Grave
“Kennel-hole” entrance stone

The sign for Prince Connell’s Grave

Ardclinis Old Church

Ardclinis Old Church
Ardclinis Old Church and Graveyard with Fairy Tree

Ardclinis Old Church
Ardclinis Old Church, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland

Ardclinis Fairy Tree
Ardclinis Fairy Tree (Rag Tree)

Ardclinis Fairy Tree
Rags are tied to trees in the belief that as the cloth rots an ailment or problem will disappear or a wish will be forfilled.

Ardclinis Fairy Tree detail
Children’s toys and other personal things are also to be found on the tree.

St Colmcille’s Abbey

St Colmcille's Abbey
St Colmcille’s Abbey, Gartan, Co Donegal, Ireland

St Colmcille's Abbey
The site is reputed to be the birthplace of St Colmcille

St Colmcille's Abbey

Ancient cross
The remains of an ancient cross on a small mound

ancient cross

ancient cross
The remains of the other cross

Holy Well
The Holy Well at the entrance to the site

Holy Well

The flagstone of loneliness

The flagstone of loneliness
Leac na Cumha –  The flagstone of loneliness, Co Donegal, Ireland. St Colmcille is said to have slept on this ancient cup-marked stone before his exile to Iona.

Ancient megalithic tomb
Ancient megalithic site…

St. Colmcille's Birthplace
rebranded as St. Colmcille’s Birthplace by a large cross and stone plaque

Old Conwal Graveyard

Old Conwal Graveyard pillars
Old Conwal Graveyard, Co Donegal, Ireland

Conwal decorated pillar

Decorated pillar

Crude figure

Crude figure on stone

Celtic cross carved grave slab

Celtic cross and knot work on grave slab

Crude carved cross slab

Cross on large grave slab