Glenade Lake and the legend of the Dobhar-chú

Glenade Lake is where one of Ireland’s lake monsters the Dobhar-chú (Water hound) is said to have killed Grace Connolly in 1722. Her husband found her bloody body with the Dobhar-chú and killed the beast. The legend has the creature emitting a high picked shriek that summoned its mate as it died and the mate attacked the husband who fled on horseback. The Dobhar-chú gave chase and eventually the man was forced to confront the creature. There was a fierce fight ending with the slaying of the beast.

Glenade Lake

Glenade Lake where the Dobhar-chú (Dobharchú) is said to live in the deep waters

Glenade Lake

The graves of Grace and her husband can be found close to Glenade Lake in Conwal graveyard, Co Leitrim.


On Grace Connolly’s worn grave slab is a carving of a hound like creature with its head twisted back and a hand thrusting a dagger into the neck of the Dobhar-chú.

Grace Connolly's grave
Grace Connolly’s grave slab

Dobhar-chú (Dobharchú) slayer

Her husband’s grave slab has a carving of him with dagger in hand on a horse.

Grave of Grace Connolly's husband

The grave of Grace Connolly’s husband

Conwal graveyard

Conwal graveyard