Inishkeel Churches

St Connell's Church

St Connell’s Church and St Mary’s’ Church, Inishkeel Island, Donegal, Ireland

St Connell's Church doorway

St Connell's Church window detail

St Connell’s Church window detail

St Connell's Church interior

St Connell’s Church interior

St Mary's' Church ruin

St Mary’s’ Church ruin

St Mary's' Church doorway

St Mary’s’ Church doorway

Interior doorway of St Mary's' Church, Inishkeel Island

Interior doorway of St Mary’s’ Church, Inishkeel Island

Duleek Abbey and High Crosses

St Mary's Abbey
St Mary’s Abbey, Duleek, Co Meath, Ireland

Duleek Abbey

Duleek Abbey
Parts of the ruin date from the 13th century

St Mary's Abbey, Duleek

St Mary's Abbey, Duleek
Bishop of Meath 1679-1688 effigy slab

St Mary's Abbey, Duleek
17th century decorated tomb

St Mary's Abbey, Duleek
15th century bell-tower

St Mary's Abbey, Duleek
The tower shows an imprint of a round tower

High Cross
The head and base of a 10th century High Cross (The south cross)

Duleek High Crosses
The north High Cross

Duleek Abbey and High Crosses