Leacanabuaile Stone Fort

Leacanabuaile Stone Fort

Leacanabuaile Stone Fort, Co Kerry, Ireland

Leacanabuaile Stone Fort

The rectangular and circular structure in the cashel

Leacanabuaile Stone Fort

In the background Cahergal Stone Fort

Corrower Ogham Stone

Corrower Ogham Stone 1

Corrower Ogham Stone, Co Mayo, Ireland

Corrower Ogham Stone 2

This is a tall standing stone but…

Corrower Ogham Stone 3

the ogham inscription is quite worn

Corrower Ogham Stone 4

I’ve two interprations of the inscription “MAQ CERAN AVI ATHECETAIMIN” from http://www.megalithicireland.com/ and “Mac Uí Riaghan” from http://www.attymass.ie/ogham_stone.htm. Both sites have more info.

Corrower Ogham Stone 5

A very friendly farmer gave me access to the stone