Cú Chulainn’s Stone

Clochafarmore Standing Stone aka Cuchulain's Stone
Clochafarmore Standing Stone aka Cuchulain’s Stone, Co Louth, Ireland

Cú Chulainn's Stone
This is the standing stone Cú Chulainn (the hero of Ulster) is said to have tied himself to in order that he ‘die on his feet’. He was mortally wounded by his own spear cast by Lugaid. A prophecy foretold “a king would fall by it”, so Lugaid had a druid/satirist/poet trick the spear from Cú Chulainn. While tied to the stone his enemies feared approaching until a crow lands on his shoulder. The battle goddess Morrigu (Morrígan) is said to often appears as a crow. When the enemies approach Lugaid beheads Cú Chulainn whose sword falls and slices of Lugaid’s right hand, in revenge the enemies cut off Cú Chulainn’s hand.