Kilgeever Christian Site

Kilgeever Christian Site

Kilgeever Christian Site near Croagh Patrick, Co Mayo, Ireland

St Patrick's rock and Kilgeever Christian Site

St Patrick’s rock in the foreground at Kilgeever

St Patrick’s rock

The Mass rock with inscribed cross – St Patrick’s rock

Kileever holy well,  Toberreendoney

Toberreendoney, The holy well around which pilgrims walk and pray

Kileever cross inscribed pillar

Cross inscribed pillar in Kileever graveyard

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Derry Churches, Ards

Derry Churches - North church

Derry Churches, Ards Peninsula, Co Down, Northern Ireland

Derry Churches - South Church

The 1st photo is the north church, the smaller south church above and below

Derry Churches

The site is associated with St. Cummain ( St. Cumman)

Cross inscribed stone

A small early cross inscribed stone stands in the north church

Gallarus Oratory revisited

Gallarus Oratory a dry stone chapel constructed between the 7th and 12th centuries

Gallarus Oratory, Dingle Peninsula, Co Kerry, Ireland

The back of the chapel features a small window

The cross pillar at the site with worn inscription

Dunteige Wedge Tomb

Dunteige Wedge Tomb
Dunteige Wedge Tomb – The Giants Grave Wedge Tomb, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland

The Giants Grave Wedge Tomb

Dunteige Wedge Tomb

Dunteige cross incised stone
The Mass Rock is an ancient cross incised stone where Catholic Mass was held during Penal Times. Dunteige Wedge Tomb in background