Fourknocks Passage Tomb

Fourknocks Passage Tomb, Co Meath, Ireland

The decorated lintel stone on the right  as you enter the chamber

The decorated lintel over the right chamber

The decorated lintel over the central chamber

The entrance to Fourknocks Passage Tomb

The central chamber

The right chamber

One of the decorated stones



Castlekeeran – Three High Crosses, Ogham Stone and Cross Slab

Castlekeeran - the West Cross
The West Cross

Castlekeeran - the South Cross
The South Cross

Castlekeeran - the North Cross
The North Cross

 Castlekeeran Ogham Stone
The Ogham Stone

 Castlekeeran Cross Slab
The Cross Slab

Ogham Stone 2
The Ogham Stone inscription reads COVAGNI MAQI MUCOLI LUGINI, translated as “Cuana son of the people of Luigni” (Wikipedia)